Aggregation-induced emission luminogens for augmented photosynthesis

Augmented photosynthesis will increase the amount of CO2 sequestration and provide sustainable food and biofuel. Luminescent materials that shift the wavelength to a more usable range could augment photosynthesis. Recent findings of augmented photosynthesis by luminescent materials especially aggregation-induced emission luminogens were summarized and a bright prospect has been speculated to inspire more research efforts.


Photosynthesis is promising in sequestrating carbon dioxide and providing food and biofuel. Recent findings have shown that luminescent materials could shift the wavelength of light to a more usable range for augmented photosynthesis. Among them, aggregation-induced emission luminogens (AIEgens) have advantages of efficient light conversion, high biocompatibility, large Stokes’ shift, and so on. In this perspective, emerging reports of augmented photosynthesis with luminescent materials, especially the AIEgens are included. We emphasized the spectra shift characteristics, material formation, and sustainable development based on augmented photosynthesis.

Author list:

Haixiang Liu, Neng Yan, Haotian Bai, Ryan T. K. Kwok*, Ben Zhong Tang*

How to cite:

H. Liu, N. Yan, H. Bai, R. T. K. Kwok, B. Z. Tang, Exploration 2022, 2, 20210053.