Deformable nanocarriers for enhanced drug delivery and cancer therapy

Deformable nanocarriers with various morphological transformations for diferent potential applications.


Recently, the field of nanomedicine has witnessed substantial advancements in the development of nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery, emerges as promising platforms to enhance therapeutic efficacy and minimize adverse effects associated with conventional chemotherapy. Notably, deformable nanocarriers have garnered considerable attention due to their unique capabilities of size changeable, tumor-specific aggregation, stimuli-triggered disintegration, and morphological transformations. These deformable nanocarriers present significant opportunities for revolutionizing drug delivery strategies, by responding to specific stimuli or environmental cues, enabling achieved various functions at the tumor site, including size-shrinkage nanocarriers enhance drug penetration, aggregative nanocarriers enhance retention effect, disintegrating nanocarriers enable controlled drug release, and shape-changing nanocarriers improve cellular uptake, allowing for personalized treatment approaches and combination therapies. This review provides an overview of recent developments and applications of deformable nanocarriers for enhancing tumor therapy, underscores the diverse design strategies employed to create deformable nanocarriers and elucidates their remarkable potential in targeted tumor therapy.

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Ziyang Cao, Jing Liu, Xianzhu Yang*

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Z. Cao, J. Liu, X. Yang, Exploration 2024, 20230037.