Gel/hydrogel-based in situ biomaterial platforms for cancer postoperative treatment and recovery

Gel/Hydrogel-based in situ biomaterial platforms are promising candidates for cancer postoperative treatment and recovery, which decrease the risk of poor prognosis caused by postoperative complications. This review summarized the properties and synthesis procedures of gel/hydrogel-based biomaterials and highlighted their advantages in postoperative tumor recurrence and metastasis inhibition by various drug loading and enhanced local delivery. Other multifunctional applications of gel/hydrogel for disease recovery were also introduced, including postoperative hemostasis, antibacterial infection, adhesion prevention, tissue repair, and wound healing.


In the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, cyclodextrin (CD) is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used macrocyclic compounds as the host molecule because it has good biocompatibility and can increase the solubility, bioavailability, and stability of hydrophobic drug guests. In this review, we generalized the unique properties of CDs, CD-related supramolecular nanocarriers, supramolecular controlled release systems, and targeting systems based on CDs, and introduced the paradigms of these nanomedicines. In addition, we also discussed the prospects and challenges of CD-based supramolecular nanomedicines to facilitate the development and clinical translation of these nanomedicines.

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Yuzhao Feng, Zhan Zhang, Wei Tang, Yunlu Dai*

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Y. Feng, Z. Zhang, W. Tang, Y. Dai, Exploration 2023, 20220173.