Recent advances in bacteria-based platforms for inflammatory bowel diseases treatment

Recent studies on bacteria-based platforms for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) through immunomodulation, antioxidative stress, barrier restoration, and microbial regulation are comprehensively reviewed. Current dilemmas and future development prospects of integrated IBD-targeting bacterial platforms were also discussed.


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a recurring chronic inflammatory disease. Current treatment strategies are aimed at alleviating clinical symptoms and are associated with gastrointestinal or systemic adverse effects. New delivery strategies are needed for the treatment of IBD. Bacteria are promising biocarriers, which can produce drugs in situ and sense the gut in real time. Herein, we focus on recent studies of engineered bacteria used for IBD treatment and introduce the application of engineered bacteria in the diagnosis. On this basis, the current dilemmas and future developments of bacterial delivery systems are discussed.

Author list:

Jiaoying Lu†, Xinyuan Shen†, Hongjun Li*, Juan Du*

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J. Lu, X. Shen, H. Li, J. Du, Exploration 2024, 20230142.