Rethinking the pathway to sustainable fire retardants

Rethinking the pathways to sustainable fire retardants, from the perspective of sustainability, costs, and efficiency.


Flame retardants are currently used in a wide range of industry sectors for saving lives and property by mitigating fire hazards. The growing fire safety requirements for materials boost an escalating demand for consumption of fire retardants. This has significantly driven both the industry and scientific community to pursue sustainable fire retardants, but what makes a sustainable flame retardant? Here an overview of recent advances in sustainable flame retardants is offered, and their renewable raw materials, green synthesis and life cycle assessments are highlighted. A discussion on key challenges that hinder the innovation of fire retardants and design principles for creating truly sustainable yet cost-effective fire retardants are also presented. This short work is expected to help drive the development of sustainable, cost-effective fire retardants, and expedite the creation of a more sustainable and safer society.

Author list:

Jiabing Feng, Lei Liu, Yan Zhang, Qingsheng Wang, Hong Liang, Hao Wang, Pingan Song*

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J. Feng, L. Liu, Y. Zhang, Q. Wang, H. Liang, H. Wang, P. Song, Exploration 2023, 3, 20220088.