Spatiotemporal single-cell transcriptomic profiling reveals inflammatory cell states in a mouse model of diffuse alveolar damage

Great progress has been made in ingenious bone tissue engineering for osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) treatment in the last decades. In this review, we comprehensively summarize the state-of-the-art progress made in bone tissue engineering for ONFH treatment. We also propose insights on the current challenges of these advances in the clinic and the future development of bone tissue engineering for ONFH treatment.


Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) triggers neutrophilic inflammation in damaged tissues of the lung, but little is known about the distinct roles of tissue structural cells in modulating the recruitment of neutrophils to damaged areas. Here, by combining single-cell and spatial transcriptomics, and using quantitative assays, we systematically analyze inflammatory cell states in a mouse model of DAD-induced neutrophilic inflammation after aerosolized intratracheal inoculation with ricin toxin. We show that homeostatic resident fibroblasts switch to a hyper-inflammatory state, and the subsequent occurrence of a CXCL1-CXCR2 chemokine axis between activated fibroblasts (AFib) as the signal sender and neutrophils as the signal receiver triggers further neutrophil recruitment. We also identify an anatomically localized inflamed niche (characterized by a close-knit spatial intercellular contact between recruited neutrophils and AFib) in peribronchial regions that facilitate the pulmonary inflammation outbreak. Our findings identify an intricate interplay between hyper-inflammatory fibroblasts and neutrophils and provide an overarching profile of dynamically changing inflammatory microenvironments during DAD progression.

Author list:

Duo Su, Zhouguang Jiao, Sha Li, Liya Yue, Cuidan Li, Mengyun Deng, Lingfei Hu, Lupeng Dai, Bo Gao, Jinglin Wang, Hanchen Zhang, Haihua Xiao, Fei Chen*, Huiying Yang*, Dongsheng Zhou*

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D. Su, Z. Jiao, S. Li, L. Yue, C. Li, M. Deng, L. Hu, L. Dai, B. Gao, J. Wang, H. Zhang, H. Xiao, F. Chen, H. Yang, D. Zhou, Exploration 2023, 3, 20220171.