Editorial Board

Associate Editor: Yu Chen

Yu Chen,¬†Shanghai University, Shanghai, China Prof. Yu Chen received his PhD degree at Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS). He was the full professor in SICCAS. He is now the full professor in Shanghai University. His research focuses on materdicine, nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology, which involve the design, fabrication, biomedical application and clinical …

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Executive Editor-in-Chief: Bingyang Shi

Bingyang Shi, Honorary Dean, School of Pharmacy, Henan University and Executive Director, Joint Centre for Biomedical Innovation, Macquarie University After receiving his Ph.D. in the University of Adelaide in 2014, Dr. Shi was awarded Macquarie University Research Fellowship in 2015 and joined Department of Biomedical Sciences to build an independent Brain Drug Delivery Research Group with …

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