Associate Editor: Xue Xue

Xue Xue, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

Xue Xue, professor, principle investigator and Doctoral supervisor in State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology/College of pharmacy, and lab chief of Laboratory of Theranostic Nanomedicine at Nankai University. She got her Ph.D. from National Center for Nanoscience and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interest is focused on nano-neurobiology, including the biological effects, diagnosis and treatment of nanomaterials in brain diseases and their mechanisms. She has published many papers in top journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Molecular Cell, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Nano Letters, ACS Nano et al. Prof. Xue has obtained grants from many top research programs such as Outstanding Youth Foundation (National Natural Science Foundation), and was honored awards of the first prize in Tianjin’s Natural Science. Since 2017, Prof. Xue also served as associated editor of Current Drug Delivery.

Subject Keywords: nanomedicine, neurobiology, niomaterials, neurodegenerative disease


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