Academic Forum of Interdisciplinary Biology & Inaugural Ceremony of Exploration

First Round Announcement

To inspire innovations and cooperation of biological and related interdisciplinary researches, Henan University, Chinese Association of Nanobiology, Wiley and Exploration will co-host the upcoming “Academic Forum of Interdisciplinary Biology & Inaugural Ceremony of Exploration” from 14th to 16th, Jan, 2021 in Kaifeng, China. This forum will focus on current innovations in biology, medicine and nanotechnology, as well as relating cutting-edge researches.

The inaugural ceremony for the new journal Exploration will also be held during the conference, hosted by Henan University, Chinese Association of Nanobiology and Wiley. Professor Xing-Jie Liang from National Center for Nanoscience and Technology serves as Editor-in-Chief, and Professor Bingyang Shi from Henan University serves as Executive Editor-in-Chief. In accordance with China’s Innovation-driven Development Strategy, Exploration aims to provide an international leading platform for research revelation and inspiration. Deeply rooted in the fertile soil of a century-old university, we will uphold the academic tradition of Henan University to illustrate virtue, to renovate the people, and to rest in the highest excellence. We expect to create brilliant work with domestic and international expertise.

We sincerely welcome your attendance to this forum!

1. Organization

  1. Henan University
  2. Chinese Association of Nanobiology, Biophysical Society of China
  3. WILEY
Chairman: Chun-Peng Song
Executive-Chairmen (sorted in alphabetical order):

Xing-Jie Liang, Xuelu Wang, Guangchen Xu

Convener: Bingyang Shi
Organizing Committee (sorted in alphabetical order):

Guoyong An, Ying Bai, Yan Bai, Zuliang Du, Meng Fang, Guang Han, Binbin Hu, Yunchao Kan, Wenyi Kang, Ruiling Li, Shengwei Li, Zhijun Liu, Liqun Mao, Yuchen Miao, Xuequn Ren, Zhanli Song, Junjian Sun, Zhen Tan, Chaojie Wang, Gang Wang, Jianwei Wu, Zhonghua Yang, Long Zhan, Lixin Zhang, Pingyu Zhang, Weifeng Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Dongbao Zhao, Shutang Zhou

General Secretary: Liqun Mao

2. Date

January 14th-16th, 2021

3. Conference Venue

Pullman Kaifeng Jianye, Kaifeng, Henan, China

4. Topics

  1. Presentation on cutting-edge researches of biological interdisciplinary research
  2. Inaugural ceremony of Exploration

5. Registration

E-mail registration is required for the attendance. On-site registration is not accepted. Please fill in the meeting receipt and send it to

Registration deadline:

January 10th, 2021

Registration fee
  • 2000 CNY for general attendance. Free registration for invited speakers. 1000 CNY for post-graduate students (student certification required).
  • Registration fee includes all conference brochures, tea breaks, buffet lunch and dinner. Accommodation shall be borne by attendees.

6. Payment

Registration fee account: Henan University Culture Industry Base Co. , Ltd.

Account Number: 371905656110701

Bank Name: China Merchants Bank, Zhengzhou, Zhengdong New Area, Inner Ring Road Sub-branch

Please mark: Forum registration fee, name of participants (multiple registration, please specify all names)

Contact: Yanbo Zhang,, +86 15225476387

7. Conference Schedule

8. Accommodation

Accommodation Arrangement: The Conference Organizing Committee has reserved rooms for registered attendees. Please check yourself in and pay directly at the hotel reception.

9. Transportation

The conference registration location and venue are located at the Pullman Kaifeng Jianye, which can be reached by the following transportation methods:

(1) Kaifeng Railway Station

Taxi cost is about 18 CNY; or take bus Sightseeing Line 1, Line 1, or Line 51 and get off at Qingming Shangheyuan bus station, then walk for 15 minutes to the Pullman hotel.

(2) High-speed Rail Station (Kaifeng North Station)

Taxi cost is about 25 CNY; take bus No. 21, or No. 8 and get off at the bus station near the hotel, then walk for about 20 minutes to the Pullman hotel.

(3) High Speed Rail Songchenglu Station

Taxi cost is about 23 CNY; take bus No. 33 to the bus station near the hotel and walk for about 20 minutes to the Pullman Hotel.

(4) From Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, one can directly go to Kaifeng North Station or Songchenglu Station by High-speed train.

10. Contact Details

Conference Website:


Shaohui Zhang (Accommodation, Registration fee and Receipt,, +86 18637817379)

Shanhu Liu (Forum Affairs,, +86 15226060330)

Fan Jia (Forum Affairs,, +86 16602169390)

11. Meeting Receipt

Please fill in the meeting receipt and send it to before Jan. 10th, 2021.