Recruitment of the Young Editorial Board Members – Exploration

Application Deadline: December 30, 2021

The Editorial Office of Exploration intends to establish a Young Editorial Board to provide young scholars with an active academic platform for exchanging ideas with each other and influential experts in interdisciplinary research fields, and to accelerate the development of the journal and cultivate young scholars for the editorial board. The journal is currently recruiting 20-30 Young Editorial Board Members globally through self-recommendation and Editorial Board selection.

As a member of the Young Editorial Board, you will have the chance to work alongside the current Editorial Board members, which consists of world-famous scholars who are working together to build an active academic platform and promote global research collaborations.

About Exploration

Exploration is an international, high-quality open-access academic journal co-founded by Henan University, Chinese Association of Nanobiology, and Wiley. The journal aims to provide insights for future science and technology and break down barriers between traditional research disciplines by disseminating multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research that combines various fields of science and technology in order to spark international cross-disciplinary collaborations for a more sustainable future.  Exploration publishes state-of-the-art research articles, communications, reviews, perspectives, and commentaries. The journal is benchmarked with well-known comprehensive journals such as “Nature Communications” and “Science Advances“. It aims to provide an international academic exchange platform and to achieve the goal of the first impact factor greater than 15 and to become one of the world’s leading comprehensive international journals.

Recruitment Eligibility

  • Have a strong background in science and engineering research, as well as a track record of high-level journal publications, and be under 40 years old;
  • Actively involved in scientific research and have strong interest in academic publishing;
  • Scholars who preside over national-level scientific research projects and have overseas experience will be preferred.

Responsibilities of a Young Editorial Board Member

Actively participate in the “Exploration” family, support the development of the journal, and participate in related scientific activities.


  • Please send your academic resume along with a brief personal annual work plan for the Young Editorial Board to; with the subject of the email “Exploration Young Editorial Board-Name-Research Field”
  • Application Deadline: December 30, 2021
  • The selection process of the Young Editorial Board: Prescreening of application materials → selection by editorial committee → confirmation and announcement → issuance of appointment certificate.

Term and Evaluation of Young Editorial Board Members

  • The journal will issue a certificate of appointment to the selected young experts for a term of 1 years.
  • The editorial board will conduct an annual evaluation, and candidates with excellent performances can be re-elected or promoted to higher positions such as assistant editor, associate editor, or editorial board member.

The Exploration Editorial Board looks forward to receiving your application.